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Since the introduction of our Grand Champion line of tattoo equipment, we have been working with every production run to improve the tools and digits.  After many tooling revisions and production problems, we were forced to completely re-tool and make the changes necessary to offer a quality tattoo system that works perfectly every time.  the new grand champion II system is a much improved version of the original tattoo set with drastically improved ease of use yielding a perfect, legible imprint with every tattoo.  More precise machining processes yield a more more mistakes on the judges table from a bad tattoo!
While we will continue to support the original system with availability of digits and service, we encourage you to upgrade to the new Grand Champion II and see the difference for yourself! Sorry, improvements made it impossible for the old digits to interchange with the new sets.  If you have an original Grand Champion set and need digits for it, please call our offices for help.
Note: Grand Champion II digits are .1875" and .3125" tall.  A five digit imprint is 1.3125" wide. Tool head is 1.5"X .75".  ONLY fit Grand Champion Tool II